Adventure Island
Publisher Hudson Soft
Platform(s) NES, Game Boy, GameCube, PS2
Genre Platform, survival
Release Date September 12, 1986
Episodes 1
Theorist Game Guide

Hudson's Adventure Island is a game featured in Game Theory.

Game information

Adventure Island is a 1986 side-scrolling survival platforming game developed and published by Hudson Soft. The protagonist, "Master Higgins", found out that Princess Leilani was kidnapped by the Witch Doctor and taken to Adventure Island in the South Pacific. He lands on Adventure Island without weapons or food. The island is thick with tropical forest, mountains and caves. Hidden on the island are his skateboard, axe, food and other helpful tools he must find by exploring the island. Better find the weapons and food quickly because he will need them to fight the Witch Doctor's spiders, snakes, bats and demons. The Witch Doctor has set a lot of traps for him before he can face him one on one.


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