Austin Hourigan
Austin IRL
Born Austin Hourigan
December 27, 1987 (age 32)
Residence Chicago, Illinois
Nationality American
Occupation Internet personality
Years active 2016 - present
Internet information
Channel ShoddyCast
Twitter Arhourigan
Instagram arhourigan
Other Austin's personal

Austin Hourigan is the host of The Game Theorists and former Shoddycast series The SCIENCE!. His videos focus on studying the science behind occurrences in popular games. As of June 25, 2018, Austin has sixty "The SCIENCE!" videos, twenty-four on The Game Theorists and the other thirty-six on Shoddycast.


Early Childhood


Game Theory


  • While the oldest video in the The SCIENCE! official playlist is called, The SCIENCE! Behind Laser Rifles in Fallout 4.  which was published on Jan. 29th, 2016, the first video in the style of The SCIENCE! is called "Dear Bethesda, Where Do We Poop in Skyrim?"
  • Austin currently lives with his spouse Sasha, their daughter, and their pets.
  • In the video "Can FNAF Kill You IRL? | The SCIENCE!...of Five Nights at Freddy's", it is revealed that Austin has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Austin is colorblind said in multiple tweets. It is most likely Tritanopia. Stated by him that he has a difficulty seeing colors with a lower wavelength.
  • Austin's first youtube video was uploaded on September 23 2014.
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