• Pikablu42

    The SCIENCE! Trivia

    December 8, 2019 by Pikablu42

    The page isn't allowing me to comment, and after 15 minutes of trying, I've given up. So a blog post it is. One question.

    Do acronyms and/or game titles count as capitalized words (for the Trivia segment on The SCIENCE!)?

    For example, FNAF, BFG, or WTF and acronyms, and Pokemon GO, or DOOM as game titles. 

    If so, it would create more exceptions to the general rule the episode titles have of at least one capitalized word. Also, I'm creating a spreadsheet of capitalised words, so I need to know to have an accurate count.

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  • Ailius1

    So, I'm a fan of a niche superhero MMO called Champions Online, commonly known as the not-quite City of Heroes.

    Anyway, a few years back, one of the devs decided to hide 13 "creepies" throughout the game. So far, the player community has found 7 of them. The problem is, we're stumped. It's been almost two years since anyone has made any progress.

    What we've found so far is here:

    I certainly don't think this one's YouTube worthy, but if some of the fans around here want a video game related mystery to solve, help would be appreciated.

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  • Jacksonentje


    August 11, 2018 by Jacksonentje

    1. Can an admin the now called "Pokemon Black" page back to Micheal Sundman

    2. Can an admin delete all the page I marked with the catogorie "Canadite for Deletion"

    Okey nvm it is all done

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  • SorcererSupreme21


    July 20, 2018 by SorcererSupreme21

    I'm never active on here. I rarely even visit the wiki to monitor the Recent Wiki Activity thing, which I used to do rather vigorously. And only recently have I been actually occasionally editing, and considering the fact that I am literally this wiki's only form of legitimate staff, things have been more or less left in the hands of very helpful users who actually took the same initiative I took over two years ago when I first started editing here, which I appreciate a lot. Thank you.

    I have no plans on becoming active on here again, at least not as much as I used to. So this is where I get to the point of this blog: to hire some new staff. To hire some new rollbacks and admins to help with this wiki.

    If you wish to become part of GT Wiki's s…

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  • Japesh.


    January 4, 2018 by Japesh.

    Does anyone know which stream or date Dan joined GTLive??

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  • SorcererSupreme21

    I am thinking of changing this Wiki's color scheme to a brighter color. is an idea of what I was intending. I will leave this poll open for a week or two to see people's opinions. If you want to expand on your answer, feel free to do so in the comments.

    If are not enough votes by the end two weeks, then I will close it and change the theme anyway.

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  • Kameo32o


    September 16, 2017 by Kameo32o

    I care to much about achievements....

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  • SorcererSupreme21

    In case you were alarmed by the title of this blog, don't be, I have no plans to discontinue my stay here after all the hard work I've done here. On the contrary, the fact that MatPat and Stephanie visited this wiki on GTLive (WHICH I MISSED! [insert obscenities of regret and anger here]!!!!), and seeing that the views on this wiki on the day of that stream more than quintuple (it went from roughly 400-600 a day to around 2.8 thousand) was just the kick in the ass I needed to be more active around here.

    Now, on the topic of that GTLive livestream. I missed it, unfortunately. I have been checking the GTLive channel for new videos to see when that livestream will be archived, because that was one of the primary goals of this wiki: to get MatPa…

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  • SorcererSupreme21

    If anyone noticed why I was absent the past week and half for the most part, it's because my Internet router crapped out and, after plenty of pain, had to order a new one, which arrived on Friday. However, due to a busy weekend, it was only recently installed a couple hours ago. I still checked the Recent Wiki Activity and did a couple maintenance things, but I always disliked using the mobile version of Wikia.

    So there you have it. My first blog on this Wiki: me explaining my temporary absence from a wiki that's pretty much dead with traffic.

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  • Deadman735

    FNAF 4 theroy

    July 16, 2015 by Deadman735

    Hey Matthew,

    I just wanted to put an input on my theory on the entire Five Night's at Freddy's series after seeing the trailer for it.

    What if the entire Freddy's Fazbear Pizza thing is all just made-up, I mean with how the layout of were we are located we might have been just a kid or a growing teen that might have just made-up all of these scenarios and locations with what we see in the room, the robot (which might represent the purple guy), a toy phone, and (your favorite) the Fan, and the "security guards" that we play as is just us as the same person, just with different made-up names we create for ourselfs. If you somehow read this, i would be highly honored if you could your input onto this theory I though of. Thanks Mattpat. :)

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  • Jimter

    A Thank You to Everyone

    March 7, 2015 by Jimter

    I just want to saw thank you for supporting this wiki. This wiki can become something all the Theorists know and love. We can have so much fun through this, let's just work a little harder.

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  • Crazo28


    January 4, 2015 by Crazo28

    Write down all of your suggestions in the comments!

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