"Blood Brothers (Song): Gypsies in the Wood (Shoes Reprise)"
Gypsies in the Woods
Upload Date August 23, 2009
Length 0:58
Link Blood Brothers (Song): Gypsies in the Wood (Shoes Reprise)
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Blood Brothers (Song): Gypsies in the Wood (Shoes Reprise) is the second recording of the play Blood Brothers on The Game Theorists.


The first reprise of "Shoes Upon the Table" in which Mrs. Lyons worries about her son sneaking away to play with his best friend, and unknown to him, his twin brother.

Dan Marshall as Mickey Johnstone
Brian Marshall as Edward Lyons
Amiee Collier as Mrs. Lyons
Matthew Patrick as the Narrator
Matt Weiderhold as Mr. Lyons

Mercury Summer Stock 2008
Directed by Pierre Jacques-Brault


  • This is the first video in which MatPat sings.