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Channel The Game Theorists
Host(s) Drake McWhorter
Kenny Landefeld
Intro Unknown theme by Psyguy
"Crossover Theme" by Epic Game Music
Outro Unknown theme by GameChops
Run December 28, 2013 - September 9, 2014
Episodes 8
Status "In limbo"
Playlist Crossover
Series chronology
Chiptune Tuesday
Culture Shock

Crossover is a discontinued series on The Game Theorists hosted by "Trailer" Drake McWhorter and Kenny Landefeld. Drake also worked as the series's writer and researcher and Kenny also worked as the artist and co-writer. Crossover's purpose was to prove that any games can be linked, and took fan-suggested matchups, usually through easter eggs and cameos, as they only used large crossover franchises such as Super Smash Bros. or PlayStation All-Stars as last resorts.

Crossover was discontinued in late 2014 for unknown reasons, possibly due to low views. It was replaced by Smash History. In February 2016, a second season was announced, as well as a preview of the script for the first episode. However, the project is still "currently in limbo".


When Drake came across Kenny's channel and viewed some of his drawing tutorials, he became interested in his drawing skills. Drake got into contact with him and offered him a partnership, which Kenny accepted. Sometime later, he came across The Game Theorists, and, subsequently, Game Theory, and asked MatPat for a position on the channel, to which he agreed. The first episode was released on December 28, 2013, titled NEW SERIES! Connecting Mario to Gears of War.

The series continued over the course of 2014 until the final episode before its cancellation was released, titled Decoding the Mega Man Timeline (ft. Kirbopher), on September 9, 2014. it was eventually replaced by Smash History, with Drake as the sole narrator.

On February 18, 2016, Drake tweeted part of the script for the second season of Crossover. On April 22, Drake tweeted a teaser trailer for Crossover's second season. In the same tweet, Drake explained that its first episode has been complete "for a while", but he and Kenny had yet to hear back if Crossover would officially return. By June 3, Kenny felt that Crossover was "in limbo" according to his tweet, despite the second season premiere being "so damn good".

Since Drake is no longer apart of The Game Theorists, it can be reasonably assumed that Crossover will remain "in limbo" for a while.


# Thumbnail Episode Description Uploaded
1 Connecting Mario to Gears of War.jpg NEW SERIES! Connecting Mario to Gears of War Drake and Kenny connect Super Mario to Gears of War. December 28, 2013
2 Sora to Steve.jpg Sora to Steve...Connecting Minecraft to Kingdom Hearts Drake and Kenny connect Minecraft to Kingdom Hearts. January 11, 2014
3 Meat Boy Visits Daytona.jpg Meat Boy Visits Daytona... Connecting Super Meat Boy
to Daytona USA
Drake and Kenny connect Super Meat Boy to Daytona USA. January 23, 2014
4 Pokemon to Digimon.jpg Pokemon to Digimon...and
Anna Kournikova?!
Drake and Kenny connect Pokémon to Digimon. February 19, 2014
5 Ezio to Faith.jpg Ezio to Faith - Connecting Assassins Creed and Mirror's Edge Drake and Kenny connect Assassin's Creed to Mirror's Edge. March 19, 2014
6 Secrets of the Nintendo Universe.jpg Secrets of the Nintendo Universe..with MatPat! Drake, Kenny, and MatPat try to piece every Nintendo franchise
into one universe.
May 14, 2014
7 Banjo-Kazooie a Dynasty Warrior.jpg Banjo-Kazooie a Dynasty Warrior?!? AND MORE Drake and Kenny do a lightning
round of Crossover from fan-suggested matchups.
July 10, 2014
8 Decoding the Mega Man Timeline.jpg Decoding the Mega Man Timeline (ft. Kirbopher) Drake, Kenny, and Kirbopher try
to piece each Mega Man series into one split timeline.
September 9, 2014

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