# Thumbnail Episode Description Uploaded
1 SNES vs. Genesis SNES vs. Genesis Matpat vs. Jirard February 17, 2015
2 LoL vs. DOTA LoL vs. DOTA, Which Game is Better? DOTA and LoL are being debated about April 14, 2015
3 Does Dark Souls Suck Does Dark Souls ACTUALLY SUCK?!? Is Dark Souls really that good? May 21, 2015
4 The Last of Us vs. Pac-Man The Last of Us vs. Pac-Man, Which is MORE Artistic? Old vs New July 25, 2015
5 Zelda Ocarina vs LttP Zelda: Ocarina of Time vs. Link to the Past (ft. NateWantstoBattle) The two most loved Zelda's September 8, 2015
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