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Film Theory
Film Theory.png
Channel The Film Theorists
Host(s) MatPat
Intro Phase Shift
Run June 2, 2015 - Present
Episodes ~260
Status Ongoing
Playlist Film Theory: The COMPLETE Series
Series chronology

Film Theory is the first and by far the largest series on The Film Theorists. It was created and is hosted by Matthew Patrick. It has many writers and editors.

Film Theory studies movies, shows, and webseries, including Youtube. Its first episode was "Harry Potter ISN'T The Chosen One?", released on the same day as the introductory video for the channel, Welcome to The Film Theorists! was published.

The channel itself was created on May 12th, 2014. It reached one million subscribers only a month after it posted its first episode.

Following Game Theory's tradition, Film Theory also tends to finish the year off with a 'Meta Theory', "...a state of the union address about a major theme of the year, trend in the industry that you need to know about," the first on Film Theory being, "Is Fake News KILLING the Internet?"