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Game Exchange
Game Exchange.png
Channel The Game Theorists
Host(s) Gaijin Goombah
Intro Farer of East
Slogan "Bringing Culture to Gaming"
Run July 2, 2012 - June 7, 2014
Episodes 28
Status Discontinued (on GT)
Ongoing (on GG)
Playlist Game Exchange
Series chronology
Game Theory
Digressing and Sidequesting

Game Exchange is a series on The Game Theorists, hosted by Michael Sundman, also known as Gaijin Goombah. Unlike Game Theory, which applies science, math, and history to gaming, Michael aimed to teach culture and look for cultural influences and references in gaming. The series was replaced by Culture Shock in mid-2014, however Michael still continues Game Exchange on his personal channel.


After 34 episodes of Game Theory had been released, an announcement was uploaded titled New Partner Show Coming this Thursday! In the video, MatPat announced that he would be teaming up with Gaijin Goombah to launch the new show. As the title stated, that Thursday, the first episode of the new show was released, titled Japanese Culture in Kirby, Mario, and Zelda. While the first few episodes of Game Exchange covered general topics relating to culture and gaming, the series eventually began to focus on specific games and genres per episode, as well as moving away from almost exclusively Japanese culture to many kinds of culture throughout the world.

In July of 2012, Michael uploaded Super Paper Mario's Duel of 100, the first episode of a new show called Culture Shock. Michael stated that Culture Shock was supposed to be a tie-over series between the relatively longer episodes of Game Exchange, however it was not long before Culture Shock eventually replaced it altogether. The last episode of Game Exchange was titled Mega Man and the Singularity, in which Michael did an unscripted facecam episode talking about how Mega Man had a big impact on him, and his thoughts toward the technological singularity. However, while it was replaced by Culture Shock on The Game Theorists, Michael still continues Game Exchange on his personal channel.