Illusion of Gaia
Illusion of deez nuts
Publisher Square Enix (Japan)

Nintendo (NA/EU/AUS)

Platform(s) Super NES
Genre RPG, fantasy
Release Date November 27, 1993
Episodes 1
Playlist Game Theory: The Complete Series
Theorist Game Guide
Illusion of Gaia is a game featured in Game Theory.

Game information

Illusion of Gaia is a 1993 action role-playing game published by Square Enix and Nintendo. The three main characters are named Will, Freedan, and Shadow, and each have different abilities, gained throughout the story. Will's techniques are focused on reaching new areas with incidental combat applications, while Freedan and Shadow's techniques are more combat-oriented. The combat is simple; characters have the same health and defense scores, but different strength levels. Attacks are mostly melee. Players earn jewels, which serve as personal stat bonuses and can boost attacks, health, or defense power. Collecting 100 jewels allows the player to restart closer to your death spot, with extra health and enemies still defeated. Herbs can heal, but are rare. Most areas, once passed, are inaccessible for the rest of the game, and there is one difficulty setting. Saving progress is done in Dark Spaces in each level. Will can heal in Dark Spaces as well as occasionally switch forms or gain new abilities.


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