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Kyle the Cat is a cat that was featured on episode 9 of MatPat's emmy nominated series Game Theory. His appearance on the show was beloved by fans, much to MatPats dismay who later attempted to run over the cat with his 2009 Ford SUV almost killing it immediataly. He then preceeded to strap the cat to the famous MatPat rocket and sent it into outerspace where it still resides today. It's belived that one day the cat will come back to earth and sl

Kyle, about to be punted.

aughter MatPat and all of his beloved theorists and take over the Game Theory channel. 

EARLY LIFE: Kyle the cat was born on november 15th 2008. He wondered the streets of New York City (New Mario City as MatPat refers to it) when all of a sudden it wondered into GAME THEORY HQ, accidentally stumbling into a MatPat video, where the events of the "MATCAT" incident happened. 

AUDIENCE REACTION: Kyle the cat was wildly hated by fans at first as he came across cringie and toxic, however fans soon learned that the reason Kyle the Cat was so freaking dumb was that MatPat was writing all of Kyles dialogue. When Kyle the cat began improvising and turning up in live streams aswell as apearing in other forms of media (SEE: Scooby-Doo meets Kyle the Cat by Gujion Goombah), he became one of the most widely praised and beloved celebrities of all time, which is why MatPat hates him.