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FartRocketPhysics.jpg Using height charts and pixel measurements, I was able to find that, by comparison, Wario is practically 10' tall.

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MatPat's Game Lab.png
Channel The Game Theorists
Host(s) Matthew Patrick
Intro GAME LAB intro
Slogan "This is GAME LAB"
Run June 8, 2016 - July 20, 2016
Episodes 8
Status Ended
Playlist Matpat's GAME LAB
Series chronology

MatPat's GAME LAB is a YouTube Premium, but while it was posted was called YouTube Red, web series on The Game Theorists hosted by Matthew Patrick.

Before the first episode was uploaded there was a normal anoucement trailer on May 6th called NEW SHOW! Get Ready for Game Lab! and a VR trailer uploaded on the May 20th called TEST Games In Real Life then EXPERIENCE them in VR!
A Second VR trailer called Game Lab 360: You're IN THE EXPERIMENT! was posted on June 8th, this trailer was in VR.

The series has curently one season with no second season anouncement. It has 8 regular episodes, 8 VR episodes that ties in with the respective regular episode and 1 behind the scenes episode.
The first regular episode of the show, all the VR episodes and the BTS episode are free. The other 7 regular episodes can only be watched by owning a YouTube Premium account or buying the episodes individually.