Mega Man
Mega Man
Developer Capcom
Inti Creates
Publisher Capcom
Platform(s) Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation, PC, Xbox
Genre Platformer
Run 'n Gun
Release Date 1987 - present
Episodes 8 total:
Theorist Game Guide
Mega Man is a Capcom game series featured in Game Theory, Game Exchange, Culture Shock, Crossover, and Smash History.

Game information

Mega Man is a game franchise created by Capcom, about the robot character Mega Man, or one of his many counterparts. The classic Mega Man series consists of ten main titles and a spin-off, Mega Man & Bass, and is considered to be the origin of Mega Man. Although the classic series has yet to reach an ending, the storyline shifts to the Mega Man X series, followed by the Mega Man Zero series, Mega Man ZX and Mega Man Legends. All series follow one continuous timeline except for Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Star Force which exist in an alternate universe.

The basic premise of most Mega Man games is that Mega Man was created by Dr. Light to stop Dr. Wily and various Robot Masters from taking over the world.


Game Theory

  1. Who is Mega Man's TRUE Villain?

Game Exchange

  1. The Mega Man 6 World Tour (Part 1)
  2. The Mega Man World Tour part 2
  3. Mega Man and the Singularity

Culture Shock

  1. Why Mega Man 5 Got BANNED!
  2. Mega Man's Toad Man is Navajo?!!


  1. Decoding the Mega Man Timeline (ft. Kirbopher)

Smash History

  1. Mega Man
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