Minecraft: The Villagers' Jewish Origins

The Villagers' Jewish Origins

The Villagers' Jewish Origins screen

Release date September 10, 2016
Length 5:32
Link Minecraft: The Villagers' Jewish Origins
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Episode 46
Series Culture Shock
Game Minecraft
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Minecraft: The Villagers' Jewish Origins (subtitled Villagers are Jewish) is the 46th episode of Culture Shock and its 1st episode on Minecraft on The Game Theorists.


After two long years of you guys asking for a Minecraft episode, GG has finally found something of cultural significance that he'd like to dissect for you - The Origin of the Villagers. In today's episode, GG explores the architecture, clothing, and protective golems of Minecraft's friendliest NPC's to explain where these villagers have their roots.


  • This episode was sponsored by Lootcrate.
  • The background music in this episode was provided by GameChops.

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