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Mirror Matt
Alias(es) Mirror Matt
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Mirror Matt is the new GTLive technician and occasionally the cameraman of Food Theory. The nickname came to be because before Mirror Matt joined and took over the livestream tech, MatPat had to do it himself, and he couldn’t figure out how to remove the picture in picture overlay when he was full screen. Whenever he switched from gameplay to witty banter mode they’re was a mini “Mirror Matt” that was over the top corner of the screen. They made a joke that “Mirror Matt” escapes into the real world as the new Matt and stuck. Mirror Matt's whole face still hasn't been shown on GTLive, but we have seen a side profile while he was fixing Stephanie's microphone. Before working on GTLive, he was a DJ for his college radio. His favorite flower is lavender. He also hates laser tag, is proficient at bowling and good at rollerblading. MatPat has stated that his grandmother is a "big fan" of MirrorMatt and loves the banter between the two.

Mirror Matt 2
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Internet information
Channel Food Theory


  1. Mirror Matt went to the UNC for higher education.[1]
  2. Mirror Matt had a broken toe his first week working at Theorist Co. It did not happen at work, but at a lake as he was swimming around. It was his pinky toe that was broken.[2]
  3. Mirror Matt was previously a server. His least favorite part was customers asking personal questions, and in order to pass the time he would claim to be different majors.[3]
    • To curve off questions he would claim to be a Computer Science major.
    • The hardest one to back up was being an archeology major. He claimed to have gone to Egypt and dug up a mummy.
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Wiki Notice

We have recently noticed a back and forth of images appearing and disappearing of Mirror Matt on the wiki. As said previously, please respect the privacy of all members of the Theorists. Since members such as Mirror Matt and Ash have never openly shows their faces on GTLive or other channels before, we can safely assume that they do not want their full identity shown online. We ask all wiki members to respect this. Thank you.