Austin Hargrave, aka PBG
Alias(es) PeanutButterGamer
Born Austin Hargrave
July 25, 1990 (age 28)
Nationality American
Occupation Internet personality
Years active 2009 - present
Internet information
Channel PeanutButterGamer
Twitch PeautButterGamer
Twitter Austin Hargrave (@PeanutButterGmr)
Instagram peanutbuttergmr
Facebook PeanutButterGamer
Tumblr peanutbuttergamer

Austin Hargrave, also known as PeanutButterGamer or PBG, is an internet personality known for his often satirical game reviews and countdowns. Austin also has a second channel, PBGGameplay, where he focuses more on Let's Plays of mostly Nintendo games, often with his friend Jeff. Austin and his friends host a show called Hardcore, in which they attempt to beat a game without dying in it at all. So far, they have only succeeded three times, when JonTron and Barry defeating the Ender Dragon in Minecraft, Paul and The Completionist killing Diablo in Diablo II, and Austin, Space Hamster, McJones, and Dean killing the Elder Guardians in Minecraft Hardcore #4.

Austin co-hosted a Game Theory with MatPat in 2013, in the episodes Is Link Dead in Majora's Mask?, in which he and MatPat discussed the theory that Link is in purgatory in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. In 2015, MatPat and Austin did another collaboration. MatPat guest starred in a countdown on Austin's channel titled Top 8 WORST Zelda Items! - PBG (Ft. MatPat), in which they counted down eight of what they described as the worst items in The Legend of Zelda. Austin also co-hosted the Game Theory Zelda Rupees are REAL?!? (ft. PBG). Austin also co-hosted two episodes of A Brief History, namely The History of Luigi feat. PBG and History of Zelda: Link's Adventure to Breath of the Wild (ft Peanut Butter Gamer).


  • MatPat has called PBG several nicknames, including "Peanut Butter Jelly Time", "Great Jelly Player", "NutellaSportsmean", and "PBG-bies".
    • In turn, PBG has called MatPat "Mr. Game Hypothesizer" and "Cartridge Guesser", both references to Game Theory's title.
  • Austin appeared on a video on MatPat's Twitter of them at E3, in which MatPat "plan[ned] to win the [Star Wars Battlefront II] tournament" by "Force-chocking" Austin and snapping his neck, then dancing away from him.


On The Game Theorists

Game Theory

  1. Is Link Dead in Majora's Mask?
  2. Zelda Rupees are REAL?!? (ft. PBG)

A Brief History

  1. The History of Luigi feat. PBG
  2. History of Zelda: Link's Adventure to Breath of the Wild (ft Peanut Butter Gamer)

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