Hey Pat remember when u made the video of sonic when he braked he would shader every bone in his body well I want u to think if u look at Sonic's oragin he put the iconic shoes on and ran it blew up a mishine turning him blue and made his bones stronger look if some one ran that fast they would be dead and braking as well the blast that made sonic blue made his body stronger to with stand the speed and braking like  a jet and sonic can with stand all of that sonic can brake metal robots with his head land from high hites with  out broken bones he can ever brake threw rock so mat dive deeper in to Sonic's history like I do and u will find out more sincerely Andrew aka Eevee fan 1234 or sonic fan 1234

Dear matpat

Ive found a secret in scotts new teser Send it to photos boost the light up and put red eye on and click around I found the crying childs bedroom by doing that.

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