The History of Luigi feat. PBG
The History of Luigi
Release date May 10, 2015
Length 7:58
Link The History of Luigi feat. PBG
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Episode 6
Series A Brief History
Game Super Mario
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The History of Luigi feat. PBG (subtitled Luigi in 7 minutes) is the 6th episode of A Brief History, hosted by Ryder Burgin, featuring PeanutButterGamer, on The Game Theorists.


Prepare to learn everything you needed to know about Luigi -- Nintendo's forgotten mascot -- in 7 minutes. From the early days being trapped in his brother Mario's shadow to more recent times when STILL trapped in his brother's shadow, but at least he got the Year of Luigi dedicated to him, we cover the highs and lows of Luigi's long career!


  • The font used for "Luigi" in the thumbnail is from the logo for Luigi's Mansion.
  • To date, this is the only collaboration between The Game Theorists and PBG not to be related to The Legend of Zelda.

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