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Thank you for visiting the Theorists Wiki! This is a fan run community wiki centering around the Theorist Media channels, originally created by Matthew and Stephanie Patrick. We welcome every theorist as a reader and a contributor, so please check out our Community Page to get started. Thanks and enjoy!

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The Theorist Wiki currently holds 1,042 articles with 22,411 edits since January 25, 2013 founded by TheToaMaster. There are currently 12 active users.

About The Theorist Channels

It all started with Game Theory, a YouTube channel founded by Matthew Patrick, a.k.a. MatPat, and his wife Stephanie in 2011. Game Theory covers gaming-related edutainment, covering everything from the science behind popular game franchises like Super Mario Bros and Pokémon, to the lore of Indie games like Five Nights at Freddy's. In the beginning, Game Theory also partnered with shows such as Culture Shock, Digressing & Sidequesting, Deadlock, A Brief History, Crossover, Smash History, Break Down, The SCIENCE!, all of which are hosted by MatPat, Michael "Gaijin Goombah" Sundman, "Trailer" Drake McWhorter, Austin Hourigan, Forrest "Furst" Lee, Ronnie Edwards, and Ryder Burgin. All this has earned the channel over 10 million subscribers and over 1.2 billion views.

Theorist Media has since grown to cover four other channels: Film Theory, Food Theory, Style Theory and a Let's Play channel, GT Live. In 2024, Matpat officially retired as the host of these channels and they are now hosted by Tom, Lee, Santi and Amy. You can find more about their history and the story behind Team Theorist on these pages.


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